Short Term Advance

VelocityStretch is an incremental short term advance in addition to your LOC or Flex line.
 We understand that sometimes you have short term needs that exceed your working capital availability.
Whether it’s an unexpected expense, delayed customer payments, seasonal orders or high growth periods,
Stretch is a supplemental loan to help you through these temporary needs.

Stretch Loan Size

$10,000 - $1 Million


1 to 12 months

Only for new or existing clients with a VelocityLOC or VelocityFlex facility.

How does it work?

VelocityStretch is a short term advance with regular repayments.  We advance you the loan and you pay it back over a short period of time. Our team will review your request and current situation to determine the loan terms.

Benefits of VelocityStretch

Get liquidity when you most need it

We work with you to get you and your business through those short-term, unplanned events.

Straightforward solution

We provide a simple structure with sufficient time for repayment.

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