Revolving Line of Credit

VelocityLOC is a revolving line of credit secured by accounts receivable, matching your loan repayment with your customers' payment terms. It has a bank-like feel and is used for your working capital needs.

This is the right fit for clients who are looking to maximize the amount of liquidity they need for working capital and/or do not want their lender to be contacting their customers (“non-notification”).

Loan Sizes

$250,000 to $10 Million


Starting at 9.99%


12 to 24 months with option to renew

How does it work?

As you invoice your eligible customers, we advance up to 85% on their invoices.
You can draw the money through Velocity™ immediately!  It's that simple!
When your customers pay, your loan balance is reduced.  The line of credit grows along with your business.

Flexible Line of Credit for Working Capital

Control your customer relationships

As a non-notified line of credit, we don't get between you and your customers.

Request funds on demand

Benefit from immediate access to liquidity as you generate new sales.

No financial convenants

Don't stress over highly restrictive covenants and oversight.

Focus on your business

You don't have to be profitable.

Get detailed reporting and analytics

The Velocity™ platform helps you effectively manage your working capital with detailed analytics and reporting.

Instantly increase your credit line

As your business grows, you can request a same-day increase to your line of credit.

What type of clients fit?

B2B businesses
2+ years in business
$1 Million - $75 Million revenue
Top industries include wholesale, manufacturing,
advertising, transportation, staffing and services
Businesses in transition, growing rapidly, highly seasonal or looking for acquisitions

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