InterNex Capital is a digital lender providing innovative, efficient, and flexible working capital financing to lower middle market businesses. InterNex Capital offers a suite of financing solutions from $100,000 to $10 Million for general working capital needs. Founded by commercial lending and fintech veterans, InterNex is able to optimize underwriting, monitoring, and funding through its integrated technology, data analytics, and credit scoring algorithms.

Our vision is to transform the way secured lending is done in the lower middle-market. InterNex will provide working capital solutions to businesses including suppliers to large corporates. We believe we can fundamentally change the way that businesses in the lower middle market access working capital to help them develop and grow their businesses.

Velocity™ allows for seamless integration with customers and partners.


As a digital lender, InterNex is focused on ease, speed, transparency and overall user experience. We are committed to providing the best experience for our clients by allowing them to seamlessly procure working capital facilities, manage and draw on those facilities online, and receive their funds faster.


Paul DeDomenico


Lin Chua

President & CFOO
Head of Cap Mkts

Paul Puryear

Chief Risk Officer

Simon Hermiz

Managing Director Risk

Haley Lai

VP of Finance

Jasraj M'hajan

VP of Technology

Amy Orser

Associate Account Manager

Wilson Neely

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Colin Casey

Director, Product Management

Ashley Trexler

Vice President, Account Manager

Andrew Martin

Business Development Officer

David Nelson

Senior Vice President, Risk

Justin Chung

Account Manager

Christopher Dalo

Managing Director

John Pistocchi

Senior Counsel & Compliance Leader

Aram Krikorian

Vice President

Saji George

Business Development Officer - Southwest

Matthew Zeratsky

Business Development Director - Midwest

Brian Silvers

Business Development Officer – Southeast


Ina Drew

Senior Advisor

Chip Krotee

Senior Advisor

Kip Testwuide

Senior Advisor

Sandeep Tyagi

Senior Advisor

Jim Miller

Senior Advisor


Join InterNex Capital to be part of a digital lender serving the lower middle market and help us deliver optimal funding solutions for our clients. We are passionate about using technology, data, and outstanding customer service to transform business lending.

An opportunity to join an innovative FinTech firm with a team that has a proven ability in successfully building startups and a passion to help small and medium sized businesses

A team that values diversity and the contribution of all staff members and has the high energy of a collaborative entrepreneurial company

The chance to use innovative processes and technology with data science to change how businesses access working capital financing

Attractive benefits
through TriNet

If you are interested in joining our team, send us your resume at careers@internexcapital.com